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Light Emitting Designs Introduces 150 Watt LED Retrofit Lamp 

Known for innovative new products in the Commerical LED Retrofit Market, Light Emitting Designs [] reached great success with their fifty-two (52) watt LED-8025. Typically, this unique flying-saucer-like LED bulb is used in the retrofit of canopy fixtures, parking garage and street lights. With the growing success of the LED-8025, Light Emitting Designs has now introduced the 100 Watt version [LED-8026], and now the newest to their line up, the LED-8027 which offers 150 Watts of Pure Natural Daylight in a small package!

LED-8027DL LIGHT EMITTING DESIGNSThe LED-8027DL offers a mogul base for easy Retrofit of Gas Station Canopies and is sure to give front runners in the Petroleum Market such as Cree and LSI a run for their money. The LED-8027DL will also work in most High Bay / Low Bay applications. Thermal management is performed by use of an internal cooling fan and heat vents both on the front and rear of the lamp. “Unlike many LED retrofit lamps on the market today with built in fans, all of the LED lamps produced by Light Emitting Designs are equiped with long lasting Delta Brand Fans. These are the longest lasting most reliable components on the market”, stateS: Tim Taylor; CEO.

The LED-8027 LED High Bay/Site Utility Series lamp can impact energy usage and costs in a major way for communities and housing developments with minimal to no maintenance costs thanks to the up to 50,000 hour lamp life.

  • Site / Roadway / Post Top
  • Security lighting
  • Parks and quads
  • Municipal lighting
  • Parking Garage
  • Low Bay Applications
  • Parking Garages
  • Gas Station Canopy Lighting
  • Warehouse High Bay


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