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Halco Lighting Introduces New XIR Infrared Halogen PAR Lamps 

ATLANTA – The XIR PAR Series lamps From Halco Lighting use a Halogen Infrared capsule to deliver the same light quality as Halogen lamps, with the added benefit of energy savings. The infrared capsule in XIR PAR lamps recycles infrared heat, allowing the lamp to burn cooler and longer than standard Halogen PAR lamps, while using less energy and without compromising light output or quality.

The XIR PAR Series offers 30% higher lumens per watt over the previously banned halogen PAR’s allowing users to operate a 39 watt lamp compared to the previously used 50 watt lamp. With 3500 hour rated life and an affordable price, the Halco Lighting XIR Series lamps offer a strong commercial quality lamp that delivers in performance. Models for release are PAR30, PAR30LN, and PAR38.

The XIR Series PAR lamps are due for release in early March, 2013.

XIR Halogen PAR Halco LightingSpecifications:

• EISA Compliant • 3,500 hour life
• IR capsule for maximum efficiency
• Crisp, white light
• Dimmable
• Precision beam
• 30% higher lumens per watt than standard Halogen
• Nickel plated brass base
• Generates less heat than standard Halogen
• Spiral lens and reflector design
• Less energy used and less heat escapes, resulting in longer life

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