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Advertise With Us

Advertising on The Edison Journal is a great way to promote your company’s product(s) or services to the entire lighting industry! With The Edison Journal, you can be rest assured that your advertising dollars are specifically targeting the demographic of Lighting Professionals, Designers, Specifiers, as well as Architects, and Engineers that frequently visit The Edison Journal website!

Reasons To Advertise with The Edison Journal

The Edison Journal offers several advertising options to suit your advertising needs. Chose from the following options:

Featured Article / Press Release

Purchase-Featured-Article-NOWA Press Release is displayed at the top left of The Edison Journal Website in a series of four (4) articles. Press Releases will be featured on a first come first serve basis. Your Press Release will also remain on the Global Sidebar throughout The Edison Journal website for a period of 30 days. Press Releases may have up to two (2) product or showcase images, as well as contain up to two (2) permanent links to your website.

Promoted Article / Press Release

Purchase-Promoted-Article-Press-ReleaseA “Promoted Article” is displayed at the top of The Edison Journal Website. This article, unlike other news stories or press releases, remains featured on the top right of the Home Page of the website for fourteen (14) days and includes an featured image. This Promoted Article remains permanently in the Promoted Section. Once the initial period has expired, you will automatically be lowered to the second spot under the “Promoted Articles” section with a text link as well as a Synopsis on the front page for an additional fourteen (14) days. Since this space is limited to 26 articles per year, articles in this section will only be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Additionally, your article may have up to three (3) images and three (3) permanent links back to your website, and comes standard with SEO Article Optimization.

Small Banner Ad

Purchase-Small-Banner-AdsThe Small Banner Ad is an excellent way to convey your message to the intended viewer. Small Banner Ad’s appear on the Home Page of The Edison Journal, and on various articles throughout the website on a random basis. Small Banner Ad’s will remain on the Home Page for a period of 30 days. A two (2) month minimum is required.

The Small Banner Ad will contain a direct link to your website. Banner is (448px x 60px) and can be static or animated. Accepted formats are .png, .jpg, .gif.

Large Banner Ad